Monday, November 3, 2008

A slide is worth a thousand attendees

Giving a presentation at Eclipse Summit Europe?
Hoping to get a submission accepted for Eclipsecon 2009?

The newest feature rolled into the Eclipse Submission System can help you with both of these goals. This year we are trying out a new service called SlideShare is a lot like YouTube but instead of sharing videos SlideShare lets you share your presentations. Just upload your presentation slides and then start sharing them with the rest of the world. To add your slide to your ESE08/EC09 submission just copy the embed content and paste it into the 'Slides' section of your submission. For an example of how the slides will look, see the 'Automotive Symposium' for Summit 2008.

If you have any additional material you would like to make available (like code snippets or Eclipse project files) you can upload those to your own web site or any of the many free file hosting sites out there and then paste the URL into the 'Files' section for your submission.

So, with little over a week before Summit 2008 kicks off upload your slide now and help make make your talk stand out from the rest.

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