Thursday, June 18, 2009

Demo Camp 2009: Portland Oregon

Last night the Portland Demo Camp was convened at Lucky Labrador Brewery. While the locally crafted beer and pizza flowed, we enjoyed the thriving Eclipse scene in the 'silicon forest' of the great northwest.

The turn out was good, which makes winning the door prize of a copy of the Eclipse Plug-ins book that much harder. I love tech books so much if I don't win I am probably going to have to buy this book.

The topics for the evening ranged from how code can smell, developing for Android, automatic test generation, distributed OSGi usage in ECF and easy web apps with RAP. Each talk had so many questions during and after that we ended up going over our 2 hour time slot. Lucky for us there was plenty of beer and pizza to go around.

Much Thanks to Instantiations for organizing and sponsoring the 2009 Demo Camp. While I would like to take credit for the pictures the honors go to Anne Jacko (who also helped organize the Demo Camp).

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